About ATFS-400
The ATFS-400 integrates high-fidelity, interchangeable, tactical aircraft cockpits with a high-performance “flyable” motion system. This generates variable G onset and offset rates, as well as the sustained G forces of a tactical fighter aircraft. Modular design enables a realistic simulation of the cockpit, dynamic performance, mission systems and interactive elements of a specific type and model aircraft in any tactical environment.

2 Distinct Models
Offered as either as a 25 foot arm, Model 25, or with a 31 foot arm, Model 31, the ATFS-400 provides a realistic tactical flight environment enabling increased skill acquisition, elevated operational readiness, increased physiological readiness and greater confidence and experience in a G on Demand environment.

A Unique Flight Training Experience
The ATFS-400 allows for a unique flight training experience that is unmatched in any full mission simulator. This training system that would compliment a typical flight training program offers a variety of distinct advantages in a flight training continuum to include:

  • High Angle of Attack (AOA) Maneuvering – managing maneuvering energy
  • Explore edge of the aircraft kinematic flight envelope
  • Departure from Controlled Flight Training
  • Push-Pull Training in a tactical environment
  • Spatial Disorientation Training
  • G Readiness / G Tolerance Training
  • Aircraft handling with combat damage

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