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ATFS-400 Promo Spin Training in ATFS-400 Cockpit Swap Stress Vs No Stress High-G Training F-18 Cockpit Module GL-6000 Pitch and Yaw 2012 DMO Video GL-6000 GRYPHON In Motion Wright-Patt Air Force Base ATFS-400 31 Animation GL-4000 Animation FAE Training

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Republic of Korea Air Force ATFS-400

Royal Malaysian Air Force ATFS-400

ETC’s NASTAR Center ATFS-400

U.S. Air Force ATFS-400

Cockpit Modules
F-35 Cockpit Module

Hawk Cockpit Module

KF-15 Cockpit Module

F-16 Cockpit Module

Su-30 Cockpit Module

F/A-18 Cockpit Module

Cockpit Swap


GL-6000 Renders
Official photos of the GL-6000 will be posted once the system achieves Final Operational Capability