The Next Generation of Flight Training

With the reduction of in-aircraft flight hours and an increase in flight simulator use, it is imperative that the next generation of flight training include a complementary system that provides full motion—G on Demand and Sustained G Forces—for pilots to optimally maintain their requisite G Tolerance, G Readiness and Combat Readiness.

U.S. forces have a stated goal of maximizing flight simulation training to as much as 40-50% of the total flight training hours for 5th generation pilots. This increases the need for replicating the physical stresses of flight in a simulated environment. The technology to achieve this goal is now available with ETC's Authentic Tactical Fighting System, the ATFS-400 PHOENIX.

Supported by over 43 years of experience, ETC has produced cutting-edge flight simulators to meet the current and future training requirements of aviators around the world in all flight training areas — Initial Qualification, Transition, Continuation, Refresher and Service Unique.